Mr Gove’s idea to teach “English values”


What is England? Is it cricket and churches? TV and Tories? Urbanisation, and capitalism?

What are English values? Fairness and equality? Individualism and privatisation? Help for all, or help yourself? Christian love or Christian Crusades?

England is a complex multicultural society. And the multiculturalism should be embraced as it has so many positives to offer the country. I am not blind to the heinous crimes dictated by certain antiquated but still followed doctrines but a doctrine of promoting nationalist values would be ultimately divisive; “my country has better values than yours”; “you don’t come from my country therefore you’re bad”. Creating an us and them, your values, our values belief system has never historically led to peaceful co-habitation. Addressing values in schools is not though an inherently poor idea, so how can we address this in school?

Teach the young to think critically. Critically engage with what they believe; about what they are told…

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