This satire has nothing to do with the Hacking Trial, because it’s set in a hotel!

What does Manuel Brooks and Major Murdoch know about all this illegal spying on guests at Fawlty Towers. Find out in this revealing transcript!



A well-known hotel in Torquay receives a surprise inspection from Hotel Inspector Justice Saunders

Inspector Saunders: Good  day, are you Mr Andy Fawlty, the owner of this hotel.

ANDY FAWLTY: Maybe, who’s asking?

INSPECTOR SAUNDERS: I am Hotel Inspector Justice Saunders; I’m here to inspect the hotel and if you are honest with me I’m sure this will all be very easy. So, Mr Fawlty would you say you run a tight ship.

ANDY FAWLTY: This is a hotel, not a ship, now who’s the one not being honest.

INSPECTOR SAUNDERS: Please don’t avoid my questions. Do you keep an eye on the goings-on in this hotel.

ANDY FAWLTY: Yes, of course, nothing happens under this roof that I don’t know about.

INSPECTOR SAUNDERS: Even in the hotel rooms?

ANDY FAWLTY: Well, no obviously not there; that’s not my business, but everything else, I know; I see all!


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