The Great British Sell-Off


sell off
So thanks everyone for baking your cakes that represent British institutions. Now George Hollywood and Dave Berry will come round to your tables.

Dave: Thanks for baking this Royal Mail cake. What I’m going to do is cut it in to fifty pieces and sell them all for less than they’re worth, that way they’ll sell fast and I, err I mean we, will make a quick profit!
Contestant: Do I see any of the profit?
Dave: Not directly of course, but the profit will be used for stuff we all benefit from like… stuff, you know; it’s all a bit complicated; it’s best not to confuse the voters, I mean viewers. OK, so after we have sold the slices then it will let the buyers sell it on for profit; everyone gets richer that way.
Contestant: What about me?
Dave: Well, yes except you. The thing is I know all the cake-buyers and they’re great guys…

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