Airstrikes are the only way… or not!


Picture by @Rowland72James Picture by @Rowland72James

David Cameron: Thank you for joining me Home Secretary
Home Secretary: Well yes, it sounded pretty urgent on the phone!
Cameron: It is, we have located a new terrorist threat.
Home Sec: Crikey, right, what’s going on.
Cameron: We’ve just found a new video on YouTube.
Home Sec: Right, I mean is that the first we’ve heard of them.
Cameron: MI6 have been carrying out surveillance on them for a while now; we subscribed to them on YouTube, followed them on Twitter, and we read their WordPress blog. It’s all been pretty low level stuff so far; threats, videos of firearms practice, a blog itemising the armoury; they have a huge arsenal.
Home Sec: How did they amass such a thing?
Cameron: Mainly the Americans, a bit us; we thought arming these guys would make other terrorist threats less terrorist-y but it’s back-fired in a big way.

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