A new social media campaign is taking off leading with the hashtag #blackpeopleagainstblackpeopleagainstracism. Inspired by the #womenagainstfeminism, this is the movement focussing on empowering black people by ignoring racism and the prejudices suffered every day by black people world-wide.

We meet with one of the stars of the movement Mr A. Blackperson for an intimate interview, and to find out what the #blackpeopleagainstblackpeopleagainstracism movement means to him:

“Firstly, there are truly oppressed black people all over Africa but most movements addressing racism focus on people living in the USA. I mean yes, I know these black people often live in socioeconomically deprived conditions where you are far more likely to be arrested just for being black, but let’s be serious; this is just pushing an American agenda, and ignoring the plight of the black people of Africa. For us at #blackpeopleagainstblackpeopleagainstracism we think it’s important to remember, yeah you got things bad where you are but there is always someone worse off so quit your complaining! At first we thought of trying to compassionately and empathically support people to understand the idea that any movement should be for global equality not just for specific groups, and a black people’s movement should be for all black people, but then we thought that a hash tag dissing them and alienating us from other black people and demonising the fight against racism would be better. We looked at the #womenagainstfeminism movement and though ‘brilliant, look how quickly they are splitting everyone up; we should follow that!’”

“Plus, there is so much positive discrimination now. Black people are pretty much treated better than white people; So much so that we now have a black president. If this crazy trend of faux-equality continues we’ll have a female president! If you ignore all of the social inequality, the everyday racism that pervades societies at low-level consciousness, like a CV with a ‘white person’s name’ being preferred for a job over a CV with a ‘black person’s name’ then yes black people are probably being treated preferentially to white people which isn’t genuine equality is it.”

“Black people don’t need people a ‘movement’ fighting their corner specifically- yeah sure the political system ensures a lack of social movement and demonises problems associated with black people that are really problems with social systems but look at Beyoncé she proves you can be black and independent; if you just try a bit harder, get loads of lucky breaks and buy in to the media ethos of hyper-sexualsing yourself.”

“And, look at the accomplishments of great individuals throughout history; Lincoln single-handedly abolishing slavery, Emmeline Pankhurst single-handedly winning women the vote, and Jean Valjean alone bringing equality for all of France. All strong independent individuals brining about change by being true to themselves.”

At this point, readers, I did have to point out that Lincoln’s efforts came as the President of the United states; the head of a whole political movement and at the cost of American Civil War. That Emmeline Pankhurst was a member of the suffragette movement who only as a group were able to win improved women’s rights in Great Britain. And that Jean Valjean was a character from the book Les Miserables, and the French Revolution was won by a prolonged concerted effort of the French working class against the Bourgeoisie. To which A. Blackman responded;

“Oh right, so maybe we do need to organise ourselves around a specific cause in order to decrease oppression and promote equality so together we can create and make lasting change. Actually when you look throughout history most change comes from a group fighting for a specific cause together.”

At this point A. Blackperson decided to finish the interview. I am sure we are all interested to see the impact of his (or her) epiphany soon.
Here is a logical breakdown of the above argument-
1 ingrained stereotypes in Western society negatively impact on women more than women
2 women are truly oppressed in other societies such as the Middle East and India
3 targeted movements throughout history have led to positive change such as for 1 & 2
4 a feminist movement is ideal to address 1 & 2
5 the current feminist movement may have flaws
6 men and women should work together to create a positive and effective feminist movement

I hope that this outlines some of the reasons why I consider the #womenagainstfeminism movement to be coming from the wrong angle. The women in this movement are surely all intelligent, independent people, but for me they come at change from the wrong angle. If you are still not convinced I urge you to check out the TED talk by Steven Pinker and his wife Rebeccea Newburger Goldstein (what, a married couple with different last names; what is this world coming to!) who discuss change throughout history in more depth and brilliantly.


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