A Letter from the Editor of ISIS Weekly- “Thanks National media for all the press!”

Hi everybody,

Thanks for taking the time to read ‘ISIS weekly’; the best way of staying up to date with everything ISIS! The readership is generally growing, though the suicide bombing does tend to negatively affect our numbers.

As the Editor-in-Chief of ISIS Weekly I just want to say, I can’t believe how well this is all going; we’re making Boko Haram look like country ruffians! I know that we’re trying to strike fear in to people, but to be honest politicians and the national media are doing the job for us better than we ever could! They are so much better resourced and people listen to what they say, and when you read the papers you’d think that we have planted our members in the newsroom, or they were on our payroll. I would never have thought that the desire to sell newspapers by publishing scare stories trumped the desire to support and manage the wellbeing of a population, but I have been proved wrong time and time again!

It’s made even better for us when random, lone individuals start causing problems and then we get the blame for it from politicians and in the media. You look at the Sydney Siege, and even though ISIS clearly had nothing to do with it, the media narrative distorts the truth so easily that it looks like we planned it all; it’s like they don’t care that they are playing right in to our agenda! But then again politicians damning us fits quite nicely with a political agenda of creating prejudice against certain groups in society, while also distracting people from real local issues, so everyone wins really!

It was a shame that real, feeling, human beings started the hashtag #IllRideWithYou; that stuff is really bad press for us, but fortunately this does not garner half as much attention as the standard media narrative so not too much to worry about.

My only concern is that we continue to have a branding issue; some call us ISIS, some call us ISIL, and obviously IS. This is doing nothing for moving our news stories to the top lines in search engines as the popularity of the hits is split. So, guys whenever you sign off a YouTube video or send threatening letters to the press, or blog stuff be sure to sign off ‘ISIS’; I can’t express the importance of this enough. The worst thing that could happen to us is for the media start ignoring our activities, and diluting our brand decreases our media traction, so please we need to be all singing from the same terrorist-music-sheet. We’ve got some of our top bods working on a logo we can feed to Western media, and we’ll let you know when this is finalised for local use.

Finally, a quick note to local publicity officers, if you hear of any crimes that look a bit like us please (you know, crimes of passion by ‘maybe Muslims’ and what not) don’t hesitate to put out a press release of ISIS taking credit for the crimes; the more we open up communication channels in the media the easier it will be to key in to the distorted media narrative and ensure more air time.

So all in all chaps, keep up the good work, and by good work I of course mean evil work. MWAHAHAHA!

Take Care


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