News in 2020: Prime Minister Natalie Bennett says that she will not be in TV debates!

A shocking revelation by the Prime Minister, Natalie Bennett, as she has released a statements to say that she will not take part in any live TV debates unless all 63 recognised political parties can be represented.

“We are so used to the old system of only allowing the main two or so political parties to debate”, PM Bennett stated, “but this was a system that meant that only a narrow band of ideas could be discussed. A band of ideas that did not represent the body of thought held by Britain”.

“By narrowing the width of ideas and conversation it allowed many in Britain to be cowed in to thinking in a certain way, and many others to feel unrepresented.”

“This old trap has to be avoided; only with integrity, transparency, and a wide band of conversation being had can politicians hope to be seen as trustworthy characters. We need to steer clear of the old days when politicians were seen as detached from the very people that they are meant to represent.”

For these reasons has Natalie made the decision to not be included in any televised debates unless all 63 recognised political parties of the UK are included. Many commenters have criticised PM Bennett, suggesting that her desire for full representation is not logistically possible, to which Natalie has replied by saying “I respect your opinion, and I will consider this for my future decisions. Thank you for your input.”

Although some are unhappy at this decision, the overwhelming consensus from people is that “although I think this makes democracy arduous at least we’re not having to put up with a bunch of upper-class, white, middle-aged men whenever we want to discuss politics anymore- that was bloody awful!”
“At least we can say we have democracy in our country now instead of the mock democracy we used to have which was really more of an autocracy though no one ever said that as the media and politicians never acknowledged it- now we can see the difference and how stupid we were to believe that we actually had any real democratic rights! I mean, you were voting for identical twins really with Tories and Labour. Now that everyone has a voice- it may be a lot if noise but it’s diverse and honest!”


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