The Hot TV Shows of 2015 to Watch Out For…

With fly-on-the-wall-reality-shows being ridiculously cheap, as channels do not have to hire actors or script writers or build studios, 2015 is set to be a bumper-filled year of more programs trying to ride the wave of success had by Channels 4’s 24 hours in A&E and BBC 3s Tough Young Teachers. This year we can surely expect to see:

Inside the Common
A fly on the wall documentary about a London common; think Eastenders, except no drama as no one is paying for a script writer. You could literally walk outside your house for this, plus that would give you the added benefit of getting fresh air, if you can even remember what that is? Get off your sofa!

24 hours in DVLA
Watch with amazement as Channel 5 try to scrape together six hour-long episodes of vaguely interesting incidents after a whole years filming inside the main DVLA office in Swansea. Watch as Channel 5 combine fast-changing camera angles and intense bass music to try and inject some drama in to scenes of DVLA officers screening requests for provisional licenses. Tasty.

Scroungers Street- Bankers addition
In Channels 4s attempt to prove that they are still edgy, and as a follow up to Benefits Street, on their new show welcome to Lombard Street, home of some of the country’s worst scroungers. Also known as the Wall Street of London, Lombard Street is the heart of the banking industry. Highlights include scandal after scandal as bankers continuously break the law with no legal ramifications. You couldn’t write it, as no one writes for TV anymore.

London’s Really Burning
With 24 hours in A&E proving hugely popular, and police chase shows being a hit since the 90s we can only expect to see a show set at a fire station. With unprecedented access to somewhere we haven’ really seen much on TV before, this novel take on the hackneyed concept will sure to give thrills, spills and a few bits that, with the right kind of music will bring a tear to the eye; and in a warm “I love life” kind of way, rather than a chilling, existential ‘what is the point of it all?’ way.

Polling Stations; Battle Stations
With General Election fever gripping the nation. Watch live from the polling station ‘Eskdaleside cum Ugglebarnby’. This civil parish tucked away in the Scarborough District in North Yorkshire promises much drama come polling day. With voter turnout predicted to be as high as 10%, with the locals gripped by the goings on of petty Westminster-based politicians, expect fireworks. Who will cover when Geoff goes to the toilet? What does Doris have in her lunch box? Will Jim finish reading Newton’s Principia Mathematica before the count, or will he give up and go back to his Su Doku?


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