The Sub-Text of the Sun’s 10 reasons John Major was the best Prime Minister

This week The Sun has written a blog giving the 10 reasons why John Major was the best PM. Here we provide the sub-text of that list:

1. He was a Tory
2. He was a Conservative
3. He was right wing
4. He was a Tory
5. He never did anything that significantly damaged the profitability of the Sun newspaper
6. He looked pretty good in a blue tie
7. He was a Tory
8. He wasn’t Labour
9. He was ruddy good at cricket
10. Did we mention he was a Tory?

A picture of the most beautiful man ever

I do usually put links up to the original articles mentioned/ alluded to during my blogs, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put a link up to this one and give the chance of even slightly increasing their readership!